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Who We Are

Coffee is a time-honored manner to strengthen the most important associations in an individual’s life. In Europe coffee is usually taken several times in a day and is almost always taken when guests or family arrive to visit. All of the most important events in life are recollected and retold around coffee. Family and friends gather around coffee to absorb the most pleasant parts of the day.

Coffee shops are a thriving business throughout Europe. These places have become the pillar for daily gathering of friends. Everybody has their favorite coffee shop. Coffee shops only offer the best products. A visitor can expect to enjoy the freshest and best quality coffee. Individuals entering coffee shops alone might wish to read something, engage in some mentally stimulating game with other patrons, or discuss business with associates. In summary the most important events in life are performed or celebrated around coffee in one’s favorite coffee shop.

Our Vision

We wish to bring just such a pleasurable experience to Parkville. This is a great community and we want the people of this community to choose our location for important events and meetings. We welcome people who love to spend some of their day or evening lounging and enjoying our superior products. We desire to introduce our community to some new types of European foods that have been prepared fresh using some very old and traditional recipes.

Please come in and sit down – we will serve you. Let some of the rush of the day disappear long enough to take a special moment with family, a
good friend, or acquaintance. Take your time – we need a little minute to prepare the best we have for you. Don’t forget to mention us to your friends or community. Thank you for your patronage.